Wednesday, January 31, 2018

My First Post

welcome to my first blog post!! this has been SUCH a long. time. coming. i have actually gone back and forth between starting a blog for years and years! i had many excuses such as: no time, no energy, no ideas, etc. i struggled to even name the thing lol (obviously i am lacking creativity in that department.. since i just used my first and middle name!)

but RIGHT NOW is as good as ever, right? no more excuses....time to get going!

vampire? dog? idk

for my first post, i thought i should keep it short and sweet: here are ten facts about me :) 

1. sixteen is my favorite number (not only was i born on the 16th but many important people in my life were too!)
2. i am a major summer person! i hate cold weather. i love the beach, pool, boating, etc
3. i have joint hyper mobility syndrome, which is the medical term of saying double jointed 
4. i am a newlywed, and got married on 07/07/2017! (peep the pic above lol)
5. i learned to play guitar at age 7
6. my favorite food is sushi
7. i HATE bacon! i think it's the salt, idk!
8. i take a bath almost every night before bed
9.  i went to FAU for my undergraduate (2012) and graduate degree (2015)
10. i have a rescue puppy named beau

it wasn't my birthday. still good though.

thank you SO much for reading! i'm so excited to begin this journey. i have a feeling that 2018 is going to be the best year yet!


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