Wednesday, March 14, 2018

loving lately

hello everyone! i can't believe march is almost over! i secretly love it though because that just means we are closer to summer :) for today i am including some current favorites..!

i don't know how i didn't know about this sooner.... DESSERT HUMMUS!!!!! i just chop up some strawberries and dip away. i brought a container to work to trick people into eating hummus lol and no one suspected a thing!! this brand is delighted by dessert hummus, my grocery store has 4 flavors but i hear brownie batter is the best <3

slowly but surely i have been building up a little office space in one of our space rooms. here is a little nook i've been working on! our entire house is basically gray so i wanted to add some color in this room :)

this isn't really a new favorite, but i've been frequenting poke bowls  a lot lately! my friends and i went to a new place this weekend and it was amazing! we don't really have places too close to me so i'm excited to say the least!

we also got a new duvet this month! this is BIG news lol we got a new king mattress like 3 months ago and are just now buying bedding that fits! let me tell ya, being picky and a procrastinator is not a good combo. lol but it is sooooo comfy, i have a tough time getting out of bed in the am! plus, it was on sale!

i was seriously in dire need of shampoo and conditioner. like i was down to using random samples lol. my hair is pretty thick and prone to damage so i picked up this shampoo and this conditioner a couple of weeks ago. it has been amazing so far! my hair feels so soft after i use it and it definitely looks a lot healthier. i would definitely recommend this line of livingproof!  

thanks for reading <3 see you next time!

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  1. Seriously, where is time going? I love that corner of your home - its so cute! I don't think I've tried dessert hummus, but now I want to haha.